U-Tad (University Centre for Technology and Digital Art) is a university based in Madrid, focused on new technologies, animation and videogames. I was there for four years (2016 – 2020), working as a teaching assistant and supervisor in the Videogames Master’s Degree.

As a teaching assistant, I taught two subjects in the Game Design Master’s Degree:


This subject gives the introduction to the programming world and first steps using C#. The students work with Visual Studio and lose their fear of the code and black screen. They learn and use the basic concepts to create their first text games and also how to have a proper communication with their programming partners.


This subject gives the introduction to the scripting world and first steps using BluePrints in Unreal Engine 4. In this subject the students see how the knowledge they have learned in the previous subject works in a visual environment, applied directly to a videogame context. They make their very first mini-games with a real engine.


The supervision of the projects is carried out by a team of developers (Director, Designer, Artist, Producer and Programmer) I was in charge of the programming area. The Videogame Master final project is a videogame where the students from the three masters (Art, Design and Programming) make teams and work together in a multidisciplinary team simulating a real game development.

As a supervisor, I worked with the students by helping them to develop their games and by providing consultancy and tutorial in every aspect of programming with Unreal Engine, with focus on solid code architecture development and scalability.